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10 Round Kickboxing Workout


In this week’s combination drill, you will be incorporating some punching as well as head/body movement.  The previous drills were set up in repetitions, but this week will focus on timed rounds.  Another thing different from last week’s training, we will incorporate five combinations you will incorporate for a ten round workout.

Before starting this workout, please properly warm up and stretch thoroughly before starting.

First and Second Round: Jab – Cross – Duck – Cross – Switch Round Kick
Start off in either stance and perform the combination.  When you duck, picture your opponent is throwing a hook to your head.  As you duck underneath, set yourself up for a cross punch.  Then finish off with a switch round kick to the ribs.  You can also use a front leg round kick.  Perform each stance for two minutes each.

Third and Fourth Round: Push Kick – Cross – Low Hook – High Hook
After the first round, start off with the same stance you started last round.  Perform a front leg push kick, followed by a hard cross.  Then finish off by executing a low hook to the body and a look hook to the head.  Perform both stances.

Fifth and Sixth Round: Cross – Hook – Side Kick – Turn Side Kick
In your stance, perform a cross followed by a hook.  Simulate your opponent’s reaction by stepping back setting up for a defensive side kick followed by a turn side kick.  The defensive side kick is meant to get out of the range of your opponent’s reach and stop him in his tracks, while the turn side kick is mean to counter any of his moves, but also to inflict damage.  Perform both stances.

Seventh and Eighth Round: Jab – Slip – Cross – Round Kick
In the fourth round, start off with a jab.  Follow the jab by slipping outside and complete with a cross.  As you finish with the cross, finish with a back leg round kick.  Step out a bit to get maximum power out of your kick.  Perform both stances.

Ninth and Final Round: Jab – Cross – Jab – Jump Reverse Side Kick
In the final round, perform a rapid jab followed by a cross, followed by a jab.  Almost instantly, finish off with a jump reverse side kick.  The kick can also be replaced with a turn side kick or a spin hook kick.  Perform both stances.

That is is for this workout.  Hopefully, this workout will give you ideas on how to mix up your combinations, improving your techniques, and help develop your versatile fighting style.  In the weeks to come, we will have more drills like this one to help you become a better, more conditioned fighter.



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