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April, 2010

  • Improving Your Movement in Sparring

    I’ve learned to move around well in a fight by keeping on the balls of my feet, and creating small bouncing movements that quickly get me inside to attack or out to evade. This requires a lot of leg strengthening. For 2 minutes, bounce up and down, bounce about 6 inches off the floor. You’ll […]

  • 25 x 7 Drill

    A good way to warm up for an intense workout is very important.    Below, try out this drill before you work on your main routine. 25 Jumping Jacks 25 Pushups 25 pogo jumps 25 squats 25 power jumps 25 crunches 25 burpees

  • B.O.B. – Great Training Tool

    I bought a B.O.B. – (Body Opponent Bag) last week and have really enjoyed training on it!  It has a lot of great uses, applying the rear naked choke and various techniques you really can’t use on a heavy bag.  I would’ve never thought I would be punching something that I paid $250 for.   I would recommend […]

  • Kickboxing Workout Routine

    I did this workout last week and I can see the many benefits from this given I train consistently with it.  It will improve areas like cardio, endurance, power, combinations, coordination, and many more.  Start out by doing a good warm up and stretching before you do this.  I jump roped for about a minute […]

  • A Simple Arm Buster

    This one is really good to work on those arms.  For each punching technique, start out by doing 100 punches.  Then after you have done both sides, work your way down to 75, 50, 25, then work your way back up starting at 20, 40, 60, 80, and finally 100.  Here is a guide for […]

  • Another Endurance Training Drill

    This workout is one of my most favorite to train, as it can really develop the endurance you look for when you are in a fight, tournament, or sparring match.  I want to high stress that you work at your own pace.  Don’t try so hard that you find yourself waking up on the floor, […]

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