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January, 2013

  • February 4, 2013 Class Schedule

    Class begins at 7pm. Please bring gloves. New Techniques We’ll be learning the hook and uppercut techniques and when they are best used in a fight. Application We will be incorporating the hook and uppercut into focus pad drills.

  • Private Sessions

    I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone that is a member of the ministry an opportunity to further develop your skills and/or weaknesses you would like to improve.  There is a fee to the sessions.  Please call or email me and we can set up an appointment.

  • Warm Up in Six Minutes

    Warming up is essential before you tackle an intense workout.  It gets your heart rate up and loosens your muscles so you can stretch properly without ripping anything.  The warm up that I am writing in this post will get your heart rate up, loosen you up, and get you ready for your workouts. Complete […]

  • Welcome New Members!

    I just wanted to welcome our new members, Chris Lohrey and his son, Keanu.  I would also like to welcome Brody Chirpich and Derrin for attending their first class!

  • Class Schedule – January 28, 2013

    Class will begin at 7pm.  Please bring gloves.  Also, if you haven’t paid for the membership, or you haven’t signed the waiver, please do so today. Tonight, we will work on the round kick and the back fist.

  • Pulverize Your Arms!

    You will probably start to notice me using a one minute interval for most of my workouts.  It is because I see so much benefit from them.  They also help when you are running low on time.  This workout will consist of working your bicep and tricep muscles. Workout Routine Perform three sets to your […]

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