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Individual Boxing, Kickboxing, and Sport Karate Techniques

This page is dedicated to listing as many individual techniques as possible.  I have been able to perform every one of these techniques and hope they help you develop yourself further.

Boxing / Hand Techniques
Cross / Back Punch
Back Fist
Hammer Fist
Spinning Back Fist
Ridge Hand
Palm Strike

Kicking Techniques
Front Kick
Round Kick or Round house
Side Kick
Hook Kick
Wheel Kick or Outside Crescent Kick
Offensive Side Kick
Defensive Side Kick
Turn Side Kick
Jump Reverse Side Kick
Spin Hook Kick
Spin Wheel Kick
Tornado Kick
Jump Spin Wheel Kick
Spin Round Kick
Thrust Kick or Push Kick

This list will be added as new techniques become apparent.

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