May 20, 2013 Class Schedule – Last Class

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May 20, 2013 Class

Time: 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Gear: Please bring your Boxing / MMA Gloves. If you have focus mitts or Thai Pads, please bring those. If you have a mouthguard, please bring it.


Opening Prayer

7:00-7:05 Prayer acknowledging Christ as the center of our lives and our training

Warm up

7:05-7:15 – The class will be performing an intense warm up and stretching.

Circuit / Drills Training

7:15 – 7:45 – For our last day of the season, I want to make it a fun class.  Today, we will have a contest that will display your stamina and endurance, and determination to win.  The contest will involve rapid punching.  You will punch as fast and as long as you can.  The last man standing will receive an award for making it to the end.

1. You cannot pause.  The punches need to be in a rythmic pattern.
2.Punches have to be hard and fast.  Speed is measured by the amount of punches within a second.  Power will be measured on the caving of the body shield.
3. The competitors who show a lack of speed will be DQ’d.  Anyone who quits will be disqualified.
4.  The last man standing wins.


7:45 – 7:50 – We’ll perform our granada at the end of our class.


Our devotional time will be discussed in class along with any prayer requests you may have.