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Combat Conditioning – Round 1

You’ll find a range of training routines we have done in the previous years in our class that we hope you find useful in your training regimen.

Round 1

Warm up

  • 60 jumping jacks
  • 60 seconds running in place
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 divebombers
  • 100 crunches
  • 15 Jack knifes
  • 15 Side Bends each side
  • 30 Squats
  • 30 Lunges
  • Some light combination drills


Stretching Exercises

Circuit #1

  • Jab for 1 minute
  • Jab / Back punch for 1 minute
  • Jab / Backpunch / Hook for 1 minute
  • Jab / Backpunch / Hook / Uppercut for 1 minute



  • Jab / Backpunch / Front Kick for 1 minute
  • Jab / Backpunch / Round Kick for 1 minute
  • Sidekick / Back leg Round Kick for 1 minute

 Final Straw

  • Fit Deck Routine(all random)
  • Planks and Side Planks (hold for 1 minute and work your way down to 10 seconds(10 second intervals)


3 Responses

  1. Brian Allen says:

    I train at a gym in Denison Texas I am very interested in your Christian approach to fighting. We have fights every other month that are sanctioned by the USMTA you can see them here We are also having a North American Muay Thai Championship in September you can check it out here Email me sometime i would love to chat about your ministry.

    • admin says:

      As far as Christians fighting, even in the martial arts, I don’t believe it is a bad thing. The attitude behind it is what’s more important. There is arrogance in a lot of fighting styles, which I don’t think is Godly. In my class, I teach how to fight as well as using it for self defense and protection for those that can’t. There is scripture that can provide validation in this regard.

      Exodus 22:2
      1 Samuel 25:13
      Judges 5:8
      Psalm 144:1

      These are just a few. When studying the Bible and how it effects my ministry is really important. My ministry needs to be wrapped around what the Word says. When researching, I found an article that I really recommend taking a look at.

      I fought for years what my faith and fighting meant.

      Let me know if this is at all helpful. Thank you for contacting us, and I would love to chat more.

  2. flouptusipt says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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