A Husbands Prayer

A Husbands Prayer

Oh God, bless my beautiful wife!

Bless her Lord Jesus, in Your Name,

Protect her this day from all spiritual forces of wickedness,

Keep her in Your Hands,

Shine upon her Lord

And make her radiant, inside and out

Make her radiant, inside and out

Body, Spirit and Soul,

And mostly spirit and soul Lord!

Make her Radiant and Beautiful by Your Radiant Spirit

Make her to shine for You today Lord!

Make her to shine by Your Spirit

God, make Your Face shine upon her!

God, draw my precious wife to You!

To You and to Your Heart, that she may know You and Love You!

God bless her and keep her,

Give her health and healing,

Protect her mind,

Let her find favor in the eyes of all who look upon her and those who do not,

Protect her from pressure and let her not be put to the test,

But if she is,

Let her not feel it and give her the answers she needs!

Let her find You today and find her every need in You,

God I beseech You for my wife,

I love You and I long for her,

Bless her today Jesus, in Your Mighty Holy Precious Name I pray, Amen!

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