Achieving The Impossible

Achieving The Impossible


Mark 10:27 – With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. (KJV)

As you look at the top fighter, or a world champion, we wonder how he was able to climb to such heights.  We are curious as to what his secret is.  To us, achieving such status is unfathomable to even consider because it appears to be out of our reach.  By ourselves, we will not reach world championship status.  It takes hours of the right kind of training, dedication, and unwavering resolve to get there.

The same is very true with every aspect of our lives, including our walk with Christ.  It is impossible to achieve anything on our own merits.  We will do good works thinking that will make us worthy towards God compelling Him to give us eternal life.  We might show kindness to someone that we have broken relationship with so we can restore that relationship.  But all of this is in vain if our hearts are not right.

It is God who makes all things possible, and if we stand close to Him, we will achieve the impossible.  Relationships will be restored, blessings will be poured on us, and we might just be a world champion in our lives.  Even those who train tirelessly will not achieve greatness on their own.  They get there by the Grace of God.

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