Avoid Being a Part of the Knockout Game

Avoid Being a Part of the Knockout Game

It is a much different world we live in than twenty years ago.  Bullies and assaults were bad, but not to the severity they are today.  Weapons are used against innocent bystanders, and the latest trend in violent crime is mob attacks.  The one we are talking about is the new Knockout Game.  How do you avoid it?

If you have the skills to protect yourself, you definitely have an advantage comparable to those who do not.  But when it comes to huge mobs of violent criminals, going against five or more angry men who are intent on hurting you, it is best to avoid them all together.  One way to do this is to be aware of your surroundings and its environment.

Because of technology and the popularity of smart phones, we are more unaware of what is going around us than ever before.  This is a big problem and most criminals will look for an unsuspected victim before they attack.  These distractions give them exactly what they want.

On cbsatlanta.com, an article, “Knockout game, targeting unsuspecting victims gains popularity,” innocent people are victimized by this heinous crime.  Unfortunately, these victims are not paying attention, or busy thinking of other things.

Sometimes, if may be difficult to predict something is going to happen, even if you are completely aware.  But knowing your environment is half the battle.  Gain information of the area you plan on visiting.  Just as a tourist would obtain information on a place he is visiting, before you go to an unfamiliar location, you should gain information of the area.  And the very least, keep alert of your environment, and stay alive.

Source: Atlanta cbsatlanta.com, “‘Knockout game’ targeting unsuspecting victims gains popularity,” By David Yirchott, November 20, 2013

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