Eternal Pursuit

Eternal Pursuit

1 Kings 3:10 – The Lord was pleased with Solomon’s reply and was glad he asked for wisdom.

God tells Solomon that he can ask for anything, and God will grant it to him.  Solomon did not ask for material wealth, fame, or prestige.  Instead, he asks God for the one thing money cannot buy, wisdom.

Most people join the military for a variety of reasons.  When soldiers were asked why they chose to join, some joined for college money or some type of incentive.  Others joined so they can be trained to kill.  There are also those who join to serve their country.

A few months ago, I asked the same question to my nephew who had just graduated basic training.  When I asked him what he wanted more out of his military service, he told me he wanted to gain leadership skills, confidence, and an ability to serve.  He did not join primarily for the money, recognition, or physical abilities; he joined to be a better man.  That is rare to hear, especially this day and age.

When we contemplate why we pursue something, we should look at our intentions.  Do we pursue something for others approval, to earn more money, or to become famous?  These things might be okay on the surface, but they are temporary and do not have any lasting value.  Instead, we should pursue things that are eternal.

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