Giving Our Very Best

Giving Our Very Best

Colossians 3:23– Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.  (NLT)

In the military, we are required to give the Army 110% of our very best.  The soldiers on our right and our left depend on us, as we do of them.  If we do not give our best, the mission will quickly unravel, and could result casualties.

Jesus Christ gave us His very best when He laid His life down at the Cross of Calvary.  If He decided at the Garden of Gesthemane that it was too much to bear, we would not have any hope after we are gone from this life.  Our lives would not have purpose or meaning. 

As Christians, we have been saved by Grace through Christ.  We should give our Lord the very best we can give in honor of Him.  We should do everything with joy so that He may be glorified.  When we set our eyes on Christ and do what He has blessed us to do, the people we work for, the ones we love, and our communities will be blessed.

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