Symbolizing Honor

Symbolizing Honor


Romans 12:10 – Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. (NLT)

The Medal of Honor is the highest award achievable in the military.  This award symbolizes a level of sacrifice that includes giving everything, up to and including one’s life. The Medal of Honor is not easily obtained, and only those warriors who demonstrate a certain type of courage really ever get to wear this symbol.  No matter how dire the situation may look, no matter what the cost, a true warrior will do anything he can to protect others.

Like a soldier in war, Christians are called to fight for their brothers and sisters.  They are called to war against the evil that plagues the world.  Spiritual warfare and the battles we face often get neglected, and we are forced to fight our battles alone.  However, these wars were never meant to be fought alone.  Similar to a platoon, battalion, or brigade, as a Christian body, we are called to stand together and fight alongside each other.  This includes giving everything we have to fight for one another.

Christ shows us the ultimate example by giving His life on the cross in place of ours.  We deserved to go down without a fight, but Jesus chose to take the hit for us.  Similar to a soldier laying down his life by jumping on a live grenade to save his brothers, Christ laid His life down on the Cross so that we might be saved from the penalty of sin.  This is the highest form of honor.

With Christ as our example, we should demonstrate the same resolve when it comes to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  When they are being overwhelmed by the enemy, we should be ready to lay down our lives so that we might be able to be there for them.  We should never leave a man behind.



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