Honor in Humility

Honor in Humility

James 4:10 – When you bow down before the Lord and admit your dependence on Him, he will lift you up and give you honor. (NLT)

Humility is a character trait commanded to all Christians.  It is a trait that is free from pride and is not of selfish ambition.  Humility is not a state of weakness, nor does it require us to be passive and become pushovers.

Humility is defined as accurately identifying ourselves as who we truly are.  We are not invincible or untouchable. We are human beings who fail many times.  When we are in the ring against an opponent, or on a sparring mat, we must always remember there are other fighters out there that are better than us.  They might train harder and smarter.  Other fighters might be naturally faster or stronger than us.  If we win a fight one day, we might lose another fight to someone more experienced than us.  Arrogance has no place in the ring.  The same is true in our Christian lives.

When we humble ourselves to our Lord and Savior, we are acknowledging Him as Savior and Lord over our lives.  When we humble ourselves to Jesus, we are accurately identifying ourselves to who we are in comparison Him.

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