The Lord’s Prayer: Forgive Us Our Debts

The Lord’s Prayer: Forgive Us Our Debts

Matthew 6:12a

“and forgive us our debts,”
When was the last time you heard some pray that God would forgive their debts? Wrongs, sins, failings- we hear these covered by public prayers frequently. Notice that Christ did not use any of these terms in His model prayer. He used debts.


Certainly to draw a connection to his next statement (which we will discuss next week). Perhaps, also make clear our own situation in sin. Sin is not primarily about letting ourselves down, about losing face, breaking an abstract moral code. It is first and foremost a crime against God. By sinning, we place ourselves in a debt of guilt, one that we cannot hope to repay on our own. We must rely upon Christ for forgiveness of our debt through His sacrifice.

Notice that confession of our debts comes immediately asking for the daily bread. Our need for forgiveness, much like our reliance upon God’s providence for our physical needs, is daily. Being made holy is a process, and we do not cease sinning as Christians. Our need for God’s forgiveness should be acknowledged humbly each day.


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