Proverbs 26:14 – As a door turns back and forth on its hinges, so the lazy person turns over in his bed. (NLT)

During my time in basic training, it was lights out at 2130 hours, and we were up bright and early at 0400 hours.  Earth is still asleep at that time.  We did not just wake up and drag ourselves out of bed.  We were expected to get up and get ready for the day.  At 0500 hours, we were already doing PT, physical training.  For six months including Advanced Individual Training, this was the norm.  We hated getting up that early in the morning, but we were able to get so much accomplished in one day.  I look back at it now and cherish that time of my life.

When we stay in bed longer than we need to, we are being lazy and we forfeit opportunities that may be available to us.  We only get that day once.  There are so many things that need our attention, oversleeping is not one of them.

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