Patience as a Virtue

Patience as a Virtue

Proverbs 25:15 – Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can crush strong opposition. (NLT)

Two fighters are in the ring, reading each other’s every move.  Not entirely sure what might happen next, one fighter throws a couple of jabs to get a reaction.  He sees a flinch, but nothing that he can capitalize on.  After a few minutes, he throws another technique. He sees his opponent drop his guard giving him that window for a knockout blow.

Patience is a character trait you see in most fighters.  They do not always bum rush their opponents right at the beginning.  This would be very foolish. It would make them vulnerable resulting in an attack or even a fatal blow.  Instead, they patiently wait for their opponent to make the first move, or to read his opponents every move so he can make a calculated decision to gain an advantage in the fight.

Christ commands us to be patient.  In fact, patience is one of the fruits of the spirit.  When we are hasty in our decision making or quick to act when the timing is not right, it can have devastating consequences.  When we are patient, we protect ourselves from bad decisions and life altering mistakes.  It is also a time to wait on God, who loves us and cares for us.  In Him, we can rest knowing He will take care of our needs.

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