Power in the Name of Christ

Power in the Name of Christ

Jeremiah 10:6 – Lord, there is no one like you!  For you are great, and your name is full or power. 

The might and power the name of Jesus Christ resonates is unimaginable.  That name scares the devil and his army as they scatter.  It does not matter if you believe in Him or not, but when His name is spoken, there is a radical impact in the spiritual realm and within our spirit.  As I write this, I can feel His presence and His power like nothing else.  Only in the name of Jesus Christ!

Our life circumstances, unpredictable or expected, can weigh on us.  It can be in our marriage, the uncertainties of our job situation, or struggling through an addiction.  It does not matter what it is.  Pain and suffering an have the power to weigh us down and we feel too weak to overcome it.

If you find yourself having trouble praying and seeking the Lord, call out His name.  Shout it, whisper it, think it.  The power of Jesus name will pull you out of the pit of despair.

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