Reflections of 2013

Reflections of 2013

2013 is coming to a close, and for some, and it is a time we can reflect on all that happened this year.  In your experiences, it is a good time to see how God has shaped us through the events that impacted our lives.

For some of us, the end of this year and what it brought to us could not come quickly enough.  2014 is a new year and offers a fresh start.  Trials, pain, and suffering was the theme for the year.  It was a time that God seemed very distant and far away.  But the good news is, God was there the whole time.  Sometimes, pain and suffering are ways to wake up from apathy and to draw closer to Him, but also a time for real world changing, spiritual growth.  Either way, God was there shaping you to be who you are meant to be in Christ.

For others, the year brought prosperity and blessing.  You have been blessed by the Lord is countless ways, such as having your first child or leading a successful ministry.  God has His hands on that as well.  God is shaping you to be who He wants you to be, and knowing God is in control of it all is sweet.

Our circumstances will always change.  We all will face our valleys and our mountains.  But knowing Christ is at the center of it all is reassuring, and for my family, He brings us comfort.  I hope you find the comfort and peace in Him as well.

As you reflect on the year, no matter what you had to face, you can see that God was there.  It may be difficult, but if you look, really look through it, God is shining bright.  And what a huge blessing to know, is that God never left you, never ignored you, and never stopped loving you.

As 2014 starts, keep your eyes and hearts focused on the One True God through Jesus Christ.  Your circumstances may change, and they may not.  But regardless of what you experience next year, Christ is there with His hands reaching out.

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