Sacrificial Example

Sacrificial Example

John 15:13 – There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.(NLT)

Those who sign up for military service understand there will plenty of moments of sacrifice.  Sacrifice of time with family and friends, sacrifices of comfort and good food, and in other cases, sacrifice of their lives.  They do this for the greater good of freedom.

Christ sacrificed His place in heaven, riches, status, and His life for the greater good of mankind.  He came down to earth in the lowliest form, being born in a stable, with a king trying to kill Him, living a life on the road, and ultimately dying the worst death.  He did this so we can become free.

When we become followers of Christ, we will be expected to show some type of sacrifice.  Our marriages regularly ask us to sacrifice our wants and desires for our spouse and/or kids.  Other times, we are called to sacrifice our time and resources for the good of someone else.  When we take the time to give of ourselves for someone else, we find freedom from our selfishness and free others from their burdens.

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