Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight


Psalm 4:8 – In peace, I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.


Worry of the future can keep us up at night.  The uncertainties of our future and having no clear direction can make us very nervous.  When we do not have a vision, the future in front of us can be very unsettling. 


Men and women like to prepare and make plans that will impact their future by setting long term goals and objectives.  Husbands want to make sure they can provide for their family’s needs and help them fulfill their God given desires.  But when plans fail, and the future looks bleak at best, we become paralyzed and become afraid of the things we cannot see.


Our circumstances will change frequently, and some will change without our say.  We will not always have control over the course of our lives.  We cannot assume what we have and hold now will be around forever.  But despite the uncertainties we will face and the losses we will experience, God is still in control.


Putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ for our provision and protection.  He is the one who will meet all of our needs.  This promise should put us all at ease.  It does not always, but that is what He wants for us.  He will always give us the strength to overcome the uncertainties we face and will never leave us stranded.  If we choose to put our full trust in Christ, we will truly experience freedom.  And with the freedom He gives to us, we can sleep better at night.


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