The Family in the Battlefield

The Family in the Battlefield

You see it so many times.  Families are breaking up at lightning speed.  Brother turns against brother and mother against daughter.  There is so much hate, unforgiveness, and backstabbing.  Today, we find chaos trampling families too much to bear.

Why are Families Being Destroyed?

God is the designer and creator of families.  If marriage is being run as God intended, families create a bond that Satan cannot penetrate and ruin.  But when we allow any sin such as hating our brother, we have a hole in our fortress.  Satan is able to use that opportunity to infiltrate our families, and he begins to destroy us from within.  Once we are introduced to Jesus Christ and receive Him as our personal Lord and Savior, we have just enlisted into His army against the spiritual warfare we are guaranteed to fight.  If Satan can infiltrate families, he can destroy what God has intended, and win the battle.

What to Do

We are all very imperfect and have many character flaws.  There is not one of us who is immune to this, except Jesus Himself.  So, when we accuse, hate, refuse to forgive, we act as if we are something else.  But we are just as sinful as the one we accuse.  We will be held accountable for these actions.

Love as a Weapon

God commands us to love one another.  Love is a shield that protects families from the battle waging against it.  When we love one another, we are able to thwart the devil and we continue to grow.  When we withdraw our love for each other, we basically are handing Satan the keys and welcome into our marriage to wreak havoc on it.

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