War Wounds

War Wounds

Matthew 27:35 – After they had nailed him to the cross, the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice. (NLT)

 Every warrior has their share of wounds experienced during combat.  It may be on the battlefield in a distant war torn country, or in a combat sport fought in the ring or cage.

Jesus experienced wounds when He went to war with Satan and his demonic hosts to save us from our sins.  His hands had nails spiked through them as He was being hung on the cross to be crucified.  Christ was hit, mocked, and humiliated so much, the wounds made Him unrecognizable.

Thankfully, we may never have to face the same painful agony Christ suffered for us.  But as Christians, we do and will face some type of persecution.  Types of persecution could be someone spewing hateful insults at us, or as bad as torture to renounce Christ as our Savior.

But know this.  Christ did not give up when He hung on the cross.  He died a horrible death so that we may be saved and raised from the dead in victory over death itself.  He did not quit.  Warriors, no matter how wounded, if they choose to persevere, will be victorious.  Christians must persevere despite the pain and suffering that they face so they too can become victorious, in Christ Jesus.

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