Commander of Thirty

Commander of Thirty


2 Samuel 23:18, 19 – Abishai son of Zeruiah, the brother of Joab, was the leader of the Thirty.  He once used his spear to kill three hundred enemy warriors in a single battle.  It was by such feats that he became as famous as the Three.  Abishai was the most famous as the Thirty and was their commander, though he was not one of the Three.

Abishai was another mighty warrior, and his feats were so spectacular that the verse mentions he was the commander of the Thirty.  Just like the Three had done during their battles, Abishai was able to kill three hundred trained warriors in a single battle, singlehandedly.  The odds that are against Abishai, is no match for the power of God.

We can become so disillusioned with our own circumstances; we fail to see the power we have in Christ.  We tend to think our problems are either too big for Him to handle, or they are too small for Christ to care about.  But that is not the case at all.

Our Lord knows every hair that is on our head, some more than others.  To know every minute detail about our makeup and our lives down to the hairs on our head should remind us just a fraction of how much God loves us.  His ultimate love is shown with Christ dying for us so we may be redeemed.

When you find yourself worrying about the troubles of the day, remember how God used Abishai in such magnificent feats.  Do not allow the Devil to twist your thinking and rationalities to overwhelm you and keep you down.  Take on every problem with the same boldness as Abishai, and trust in the Lord for your victories.

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