When There is Nothing to Hold On To

When There is Nothing to Hold On To

Clinging On

Psalm 62:8 – My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. (NIV)

Experiences in life where we find ourselves dealing with overwhelming circumstances can throw us into a spiral.  We may feel helpless when we cannot do something to remedy a tragedy.  We can become worried because we do not know what our future holds.  Situations like these can change our lives forever.  When we find ourselves here, we want to cling onto something or someone to find relief.

Some of us might cling to other people or our family members.  We may try to cling on the happy memories we have when we lose a loved one to cancer.  Maybe we are not trying to cling onto anything at all; we are just trying to process, find solutions, or answers to our dilemma.

But when we are at our darkest times, our Lord is reaching out to us so we may cling to Him.  Even though our circumstances are still hard to bear, Christ’s right hand will always be there to pull us up.  And He will uphold us in our times of pain and sorrow.  He will always be our source of comfort and peace, and He will always let us cling tightly to Him.

This article is dedicated to my brother, Jon Ruud and his family.  

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