Explosive Development – Part I

Explosive Development – Part I

Explosive speed and power are critical in a top fighter.  If you have seen Raymond Daniels in tournaments, or in World Combat League, this fighter is a definition of exposive.  Without explosive speed in your training regiment, you will most likely be slower than your opponent.  We all know that if you are slower when fighting, you will lose; no question.

Explosive Speed Development
For the following post, we will discuss how to develop explosive speed and conditioning in your training.  Our topic for part one will be how to develop powerful, explosive punches.  We’ll be focusing on the basic punching techniques seen in boxing and kickboxing, the most common known styles known throughout the world.

Perform every technique below for in one minute increments.  Also, perform these drills for both fighting stances. 

For our first punch, we will focus on the jab.  Perform the jab as fast as you possibly for one minute.  Do not allow technique to suffer, however.  Otherwise, your fighting will suffer.  Remember, you will see fatigue, so your kicks will not be as strong, nor as quick.  Record your repetitions at the end of the one minute drill as a measuring tool to beat your personal record.

For our next punch, we will focus on the cross, or, back punch.  Perform this punch as fast as you can for one minute. 

Back Fist
For your next punch, you will be performing on the back fist.  Like the last punches you have performed already, perform this as fast as you can.  Record your results for both fighting stances.

Alternating Hooks
This drill will be a bit different.  Instead of doing one fighting stance at a time, you will perform hook punches, slightly alternating your stance.  Go as fast as you can, and record your results.

Rapid Punches
Shoot punches straight out in front of you, alternating your punches for one minute.  Perform this drill as fast as you can just as you have done with the other punches.  Record your results at the end for the total amount of punches.

Combination No. 1.
For each fighting stance, perform a jab/cross/hook/uppercut combination.  Perform this drill as explosive as you can.  Do not try and get through it, sacrificing your technique.  Focus on exploding for each punch and record your results.

Combination No. 2
This will be the final combination of part one.  For each fighting stance, perform a cross / hook / back fist / cross combination.  Perform this drill similar to the previous combination; do not sacrifice technique.  Focus on explosive power per punch and record your results.

This is the end of part one in developing explosive power.  Stay tuned for the next segment on explosive development.  We will discuss explosive development on kicking.

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