Intense Combination / Calisthenics Circuit Training

Intense Combination / Calisthenics Circuit Training

This week, I performed this circuit with various exercises and combinations. For me, I found a different level of exhaustion.  It is one of those routines that helps you reach your goals of becoming a better fighter. 

For each exercise, perform twenty five repetitions, and for the combinations, work on your explosiveness. 

Jab / Cross / Jab – 25 reps
Pushup, Normal – 25 reps
Crunches, Normal – 25 reps
Squats, Normal – 25 reps

Thrust Kicks – 25 reps
Pushup, Vertical – 25 reps
V-ups – 25 reps
Lunges, Alternate – 25 reps

Hook / Cross / Uppercut – 25 reps
Pushup, Dive Bomber – 25 reps
Planks, Alternate leg lift – 25 reps
(for the plank exercise, bring your knee up to your side)
Calf raises – 25 reps
(there will be a total of 75 reps.  Normal stance calf raises, Toes pointed out, and toes pointed in)

Round Kick – 25 reps
Push up, Staggered – 25 reps
(perform 25 each side)
Flutter Kicks – 25 reps
(every other kick is 1 repetition)
Vertical Jumps – 25 reps

Hook / Back fist / Cross – 25 reps
Pushup, Wide – 25 reps
In and Outs – 25 reps
Leg Lifts – 25 reps

Side Kicks – 25 reps
Pushup, Close – 25 reps
Reach Ups – 25 reps
Helicopter – 25 reps
(jump and rotate 90 degrees till you make it around)

If you have made it this far, nice job.  You can modify this workout in different ways to make it more or less intense depending on your fitness level.  Other options you could use are to setup times for the combinations.  Remember to drink plenty of water and perform a proper warm up and stretch as well as a thorough cool down at the end.

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