Kickboxing Class Schedule – March 14th, 2011

Kickboxing Class Schedule – March 14th, 2011

Boxing / MMA Gloves


Opening Prayer

Prayer acknowledging Christ as the center of our lives and our training

Warm up

We’ll go through our standard warm up and stretching.�
Burpee for 30 seconds
Pogo Jump for 30 seconds
Sprawl for 30 seconds
Jab / Cross for 30 seconds
Divebomber Pushup
Squat Jumps

Session #1

We’ll be focusing on timed drills today using punches, kicks, the slip, and evasive techniques.

For new/beginning students, we’ll work on the jab, cross, front kick(both front and back leg kicks), as well as one evasive drill.

Advanced students will focus on the jab(1), cross(2), hook(3), uppercut(4), various defensive and evasive techniques including the slip method, and round kick(both front and back legs). 

Session #2

We’ll be focusing this session on self defense and use of force training.  Each week, we’ll reiterate what we had previously learned and add a new technique.  For the first day, we’ll be working with two unarmed basic self defense situations. 


We’ll perform our granada at the end of our class. 


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