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Kickboxing Classes New Format

The kickboxing class has a new format structure to how the class is run each Monday.  We’ll start with our opening prayer, followed by a five to ten minute warm up / stretch

Next, we’ll start out with a power / speed / technique session that will last between ten and fifteen minutes.   We will pick out a routine that we’ll work on for that period of time, but it will be somewhat similar to what we’ve done before, but allowing time for other activities. 

Once that session is complete, we move to stations.  Depending on how many people are in class, we will have one or two stations going on at the same time.  Students will be split evenly to each station and complete those tasks for a specific period of time before switching areas.  This area will focus more on sparring related drills including defensive and offensive drills.  We will experiment on different routines to do as times goes on. 

After the stations session, we’ll have an advanced technique / self defense session.  We’ll focus on learning a new technique, improving on a current advanced technique, or we will work on a self defense technique.  Most likely, we’ll focus on one new technique a month.  We’ll experiment as time goes on.

Finally, we’ll end the workout with Granada, followed by devotional and fellowship time before the end of class. 

The objective of this new structure is to bring more inviting and fun to the class without losing the main purposes of the class.  The intensity will be turned down a couple of notches to prevent burn out. 

The weekend before Monday’s class, I’ll do my best to post the classes schedule, so you have an idea of what you’ll get when you come in, or have a chance to work on it if you aren’t able to make it that Monday.

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