Love Endures All Things

Love Endures All Things

God is Love
1 John 4:8 – But anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Many people in our generation think of love as a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that makes them feel good.  Others immediately thinking about romantic feelings akin to Disney movies or romantic comedies.  However, I believe God defines it very differently.

God showed His unwavering love through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  We did not deserve his sacrifice, nor have we earned His love.  Throughout generations and centuries, man continues to turn its back on God and all He has done and what He continues to do because of His love.

Love really should be defined as an unwavering resolve to stick it out no matter the consequences or the response.  Marriage is a perfect example of what love is meant to be.  Remember the words, “for better or for worse.”  This means love perseveres through the thick and thin.  It does not quit no matter how difficult loving a spouse might be.

There is one thing I do know about love.  My wife displays it very well.  What do I mean?  When I have been at my worst, my absolute worse, she chose to stick it out with me.  She chose not to leave me in the dust when I deserved it the most.

Love is more than a feeling, it is a commitment.  It demonstrates there is a higher purpose to love than “warm and cuddly” feelings that come and go like waves in the sea.  It pursues, fights, perseveres, and looks ahead at the finish line.

If love was merely a feeling and less of a choice, Christ would not have come to earth and lived the life He did only to suffer the death for us.  He had many options to give up and say, “we are not worth it.”  But His love won out.  Our love for one another should as well.

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