Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015


Freedom does not come without sacrifice.  That is why we remember the brave men and women who gave everything to secure our freedoms on Memorial Day.  This day also includes those who secured our nation against the British Empire over two hundred years ago.

Decisions were made that ended up costing the lives of those who fought and died for our freedom.  It is because of those very difficult decisions that we have the freedom to do what we do today.  Not only should we remember those who gave their lives for us, we should remember their families who gave up someone they loved.

Jesus gave His life for us to secure our freedom from sin.  If He chose not to go through with taking our sin upon Himself, we would still live in bondage of sin and no hope would be achieved.  However, Jesus did give His everything so we can be free from sin and obtain the hope of eternal life with Him.

However, the freedom that we enjoy now cannot be taken for granted.  We need to remember the sacrifices that were made on our behalf, and we need to honor those who gave their all.  If we forget the cost it takes for freedom, we will quickly be enslaved by those who wish to take that freedom away.  Your children depend on it.

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