Fighters4Christ is Fast Approaching!

Fighters4Christ is Fast Approaching!

Summer is fast approaching the end with Fall fast approaching. (Some) kids are dreading the last day of their summer and the first day of a new and uncharted classroom they have not experienced before. The good news is, Fighters4Christ is back again! I hope you have been getting ready to join us this year as we continue to learn and develop through different martial arts and self defense techniques.

For our devotional time each day, I spent most of my summer really trying to listen to what the Lord is wanting me to speak about. I plan on touching up through some of the books I read, such as “Act Like Men,” by James MacDonald, “Masculine Mandate,” as well as other books including the one true source, the Bible. As the Lord leads me throughout the year, the main goal is this, to strengthen men in their walk with Christ, to see lives changed, and a serious urgency to draw near to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As I see the events around us happening at an alarming rate, it is so vital we all examine ourselves in light of God’s Word, and draw near to Him like never before. The closer we draw to Jesus, there will be a ripple effect throughout our lives.

Please join me September 14 at 7pm in the Children’s ministry room behind the gym at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. ┬áPlease contact me for more details!


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