Gun Violence in America

Gun Violence in America

Normally, I would not write this in my ministry blog.  We focus more on unarmed self defense strategies, as well as how they can be used to protect yourself, and your loved ones.  But in past events, gun violence seems to be on the rise, especially from those who purchase firearms legally.  There is a lot of media attention about how evil gun owners are, and to reprimand  gun dealers  for selling to those that should not be able to purchase a firearm in the first place.  What they fail to identify, however, those people who go to purchase a gun need to go through a background check; the NCIS system.  Who funds this background check?  The much failed, and very intrusive, Brady Foundation.  So, to be truthful, it is not the law abiding gun owners and citizens who practice their right to bear arms, it is, again, the intrusive government that is failing at every step of the way.  Most, if not, all attacks are carried out in gun free zones, where law abiding citizens choose to live by the law, in fear of being arrested and branded a criminal.  Citizens pay the price in the end.

Gun ownership, the right and duty to practice the right to bear arms, is essential and significant in protecting yourself and your loved ones in the event of an attack.  Do not just take our government for the lip service they give.  Study history for yourself.  Get the truth before making a decision that could hurt your life.

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