Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


It is the start of a new year! Classes for the remainder of the year will focus mostly on sparring and sparring drills. Anyone is welcome to join us during the sparring session to watch or participate. Understand, if you choose to participate, we recommend you already have some type of training in combat sports such as boxing or kickboxing.

The sparring sessions culminates all of the training from the last four months, and now we are putting them into practice. We learned the basics of the techniques, worked on developing them, and finally we get to apply them.
For the participants who choose to learn sparring, we require the following equipment:
• Mouthguard
• Boxing Gloves (16oz)
• Groin Cup
• Shin Guards
• Sneakers or athletic shoes are accepted.

We will focus on sparring drills to help build confidence before you go head to head. We look forward to starting out this year in Fighters4Christ!

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