We Need to Keep Our Guards Up

We Need to Keep Our Guards Up


Every human being has been born with a sin nature.  Since the fall of Adam and Eve, it has been with us since the beginning.  As Christians, we are called to live a holy life and to keep ourselves from sin.  We need to keep our guard up.

There are a variety of sins Christians struggle with.  Sin of pornography, premarital sex, and other forms of sexual perversion have infiltrated the church at an alarming rate.  Based on the following article, “2014 Pornography Survey of Christian Men: Shocking new national survey reveals high levels of pornography use and rampant extramarital affairs among Christian men, 77% of men between 18-30 view pornography monthly. Click the link to check out more statistics that will, and should shock you.

How can we call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ, and have this kind of lifestyle hidden from the world to see?  I am not condemning anyone who struggles with pornography, however, it will be devastating in all areas of your life.  It is one of the most pervasive and “in your face” attacks Satan has to use against men of God.

There was a time you had to seek it out.  However, sensual images are seen everywhere.  You see them in movies, in the media, billboards, and especially online. And the pornography industry is booming, and it is destroying lives on both sides of the screen.  Satan is having a hay day right now because of all the lives being thrown into hell, marriages being obliterated, and reputations wiped out.

Everyone remembers the scandal of Ashley Madison, and how so many men were exposed.  Because of Josh Duggar’s sin, he destroyed not only his own reputation, but that of his family.  It will take years and decades to repair the damage.  But he is not alone.  There are countless others who may not have the spotlight, but have done the same kind of damage in their own sphere of influence.  Some of these men have even gone as far as committing suicide which burdens my heart.

In a video interview with Ted Bundy before his execution, James Dobson from Focus on the Family asked Ted how it all started.  He had said it started with pornography.  It is just as bad, if not worse than drugs.  You need a fix, but eventually, you need more.  Than it takes on a whole life of its own.

Fortunately, freedom from sexual sin is attainable, and only Christ can give that freedom.  However, even though freedom is attained, our guards must be up at all times.  Be vigilant in your fight against this sin.  Watch our for blind spots that tripped you up before.  Stay away from sites that can lure you back in and snatch you up.  Have an accountability partner to keep you on the straight and narrow.  We need to keep our guards up!

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