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Nothing But Kicking

Every martial artist should be proficient at kicking and there are a variety of methods to achieve them.  Kicking should encompass power, explosive speed, and proper technique.  In this post, I am going to explain to you another method on perfecting your kicks.  During these exercises, you’ll build endurance, correct technique, power, and explosiveness. 

The Beginning

First, you’ll need to get prepared and warmed up.  This exercise routine will demand a lot from you.  Start your warm up by jump roping.  Go as long as you can, but try and shoot for a minimum of three minutes.  After that, perform some other warm up drills such as jumping jacks, running in place, and bouncing to get your heart rate up.  Also, you should perform some calisthenics such as pushups and crunches.  The more warmed up you are, the better you will do. 

Do not forget to stretch before you start your training.  Stretch every muscle, but especially focus on your legs.  Make sure you are all limbered up so you do not pull any muscles during your routine.

Circuit Training – Slow Kicks

After you have been properly warmed up and stretched, we will start performing slow kicks.  The purpose of this drill is to work on perfecting technique.  They will also help build endurance and strong muscular growth to perform some of the demands most kicks require.

Perform fifteen reps per kick.  Run through all kicks before you switch to the other side.

  • Front Kick
  • Round Kick
  • Side Kick

After you have done both sides, you should have done ninety kicks.

Explosive and Powerful Kicks

Once you are finished with the slow kicks, it’s time to start performing the kicks at a faster level.  You will perform fifteen reps per kick with both legs.   It is best to have a partner to hold pads for you, but if you do not have a partner, you can use a heavy bag or B.O.B. 

Front Kick
Get into a fighting stance and peform fifteen lead leg front kicks.  In the last five reps, perform the kicks without setting your foot down.  Then, switch to the other leg and repeat.  After you have finished the other leg, switch fighting stances again and perform back leg front kicks.

Round Kick
Perform the round kick in the same way you did with the front kick. 

Side Kick
Perform the side kick explosively for the first ten repetitions.  Execute powerful kicks for the last five.

Thrust Kick
Perform ten front leg thrust kicks.  Your partner should create as much resistance to push you to hit harder.  During the last five reps, execute back leg thrust kicks.

Hook Kick
This kick is a bit more intermediate.  Perform this kick in the same way you have with the others.  Execute fifteen reps and focus on flexibility.  See how high you can kick.

Turn Side Kick
This is a bit more advanced and the side kick should be a prerequisite.  Execute fifteen reps on this kick.  The last five should be explosive and powerful.  Don’t forget to turn your head before you kick.  Do not hit your partner. 

Advanced Kicks

Continue further if you have appropriate experience with these kicks and have mastered the last six.

Jump Reverse Side Kick
Perform this kick fifteen times and just like the other kicks, switch sides.  The last five, try to knock your partner back. 

Spin Hook Kick
Perform this kick fifteen times and switch sides.

Tornado Kick
Perform this kick fifteen times and switch sides.

This is the end of the exercise routine, but if you are one of those people that can keep going, come up with some combinations of these kicks and invent some routines of your own.  Do not forget to stretch and cool down when you are finished, however.

If you have an interest in the martial arts, or if you would like to know more about our ministry, please stop by our ministry.  You can contact us and also you can find out more about us in our blog.

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