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Punching and Kicking Combinations Continued

Tonight was an extremely intense class! It went really well! We started out with a prayer as we always do during our sessions. I have listed below what we did in this class.

After praying, we started warming up.
Jumping Jacks for about a minute
Running in place
Jump into a 180 or 360 turn
Jumping in place as high as you can
Jumping Jacks
Vertical pushups followed by Dive bomber pushups
Pogo jumping

Kickboxing Drills (until you are exhausted)
Jab / Cross / Back leg front kick
switch sides and repeat
switch partners
Back Leg Thrust Kick / Back leg Round Kick
switch sides and repeat
switch partners
Upper Cut (using rear arm) hook (front arm)
switch sides and repeat
switch partners
Offensive Side Kick / Defensive Side Kick
Finish Off with Granada!!
Finally, cool down with some crunches

It will definitely challenge your endurance and your cardio.

If you feel faint, or queasy, please be wise and stop, drink some water, and be safe. Train another day.

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