Punching and Kicking Combinations

Punching and Kicking Combinations

Last Monday was probably the best, most intense class I’ve had in a while.  I have listed below what that looked like:

Warm up all in continuous succession:
Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds
Running in Place
55 pushups
Jumping Jacks
30 Squats
5 or 10 high jumps
50 Crunches
15 V ups


Kickboxing Combinations
Perform each side

25 reps Jab / Cross / Back Leg Front Kick
25 reps Jab / Cross / Thrust Kick
25 reps Jab / Cross / Hook / Low Back Leg Round Kick
Offensive Side Kick / Defensive Side Kick

(Granada is our finale workout, super intense. Hit a body shield with anything, punches, kicks, etc., and after a certain amount of time, rapid punching for 10 seconds, then 3 hard fast ones. Do this a total of three times.)

To cool down, we did a set of fit deck cards and then stretched to finish it off.

We’ll probably do the same again this Monday. Should be fun!!

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