3 Reasons Why Core Exercises are Important to Martial Arts

3 Reasons Why Core Exercises are Important to Martial Arts

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Martial arts training encompasses a full body workout.  The average stereotype usually consists of punches and kicks.  This stigma brings the belief that power and speed come from our arms and legs.  However, this is only partly true.  In order to gain the kind of power and speed seen in Mixed Martial Arts, the UFC, and other professional combat sports, the health and vitality of the core is significant in martial arts training and should never be neglected.

What are some benefits to having a strong core in martial arts training?  Here are three reasons why core exercises are important to add to your martial arts training.

Having a Strong Core Helps Reduce Injury

A strong core is the center of the body.  It does not just focus on abs, but also lower back and obliques.  When you do not have a strong core, you can run the risk of lower back injury, which I believe is the most common injury.  I have been there.  A strong core also contributes to protecting your rib cage and internal organs.  If you have a solid core, you have more protection for the more injury prone body parts.

Explosive Strikes are Maximized with a Strong Core

Strong arms and legs are very important to when delivering powerful and explosive strikes.  However, having a strong core maximizes the power and speed strikes can deliver, and offers the support to keep the fight going without tiring our arms and legs.

A Strong Core Promotes Balance

When we have a strong core, we are less prone to lose our balance.  We have the potential of losing our balance when kicking, or being kicked around.  Either way, our core gives us the strong foundation to keep on our feet and fight with everything we have.  Without it, we wind up looking like a rag doll.

There are many other reasons why core training is important, but these three are what stand out in my experiences.  As you train in any sport, having a strong core is vital to have.  Without it, you run the risk of injury and lose out on maximum potential.  When you exercise, do not neglect every aspect of training.

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