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heavy bag

  • High Intensity Interval Training Martial Arts

    After having my first child, a new job, and other activities that keep me busy, it is sometimes difficult to find a full hour to exercise. Sometimes, it is difficult to find any time at all. However, it is important to keep training if I want to stay in shape and healthy. This challenge has […]

  • Round Based Circuit Training

    When you watch the UFC, WEC, or other combat type competitions, every fight is set up into rounds.  Boxing has two or three minute rounds and MMA has five rounds.  So, it would be evident that sometimes our training should incorporate this methodology as well. Train for five rounds while mixing up your routines.  Make […]

  • Heavy Bag vs. Free Standing Bag

    Heavy bags have been around almost as long as combat sports such as boxing or Muay Thai have been around.  The use of heavy bags in ones training is one of the most important training methods and widely used by fighters everywhere.  The heavy bag gives the fighter many benefits in their development, such as […]

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