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  • T.A.P.S. Training Workout

    Hopefully, you had a chance to read the T.A.P.S. article, but if you have not click here to check it out.  Among other useful training workouts you will find, this workout will incorporate T.A.P.S. fundamentals using timed rounds. Round One – Technique For two, three, or five minutes, focus just on working technique.  Focus on […]

  • T.A.P.S. (Technique, Accuracy, Power, Speed)

    To become a good fighter, he has to practice.  To be a great fighter, there are four key areas one has to develop proficiently.  These four areas are the building blocks to maximizing training, and they provide benefits in other elements that a fighter must possess. Technique Technique is where it all starts.  To be […]

  • Different Strategies to Develop Your Kicks

    The ability to kick faster and longer can be achieved with repetition and practice.  But doing the same amount of repetitions every time you train can become daunting and quite monotonous.  Repetition of doing the same kicks is just part of the territory.  No matter what, if you want your kicks to be faster, more […]

  • The Importance of Flexibility

    There are many components which make up a complete fighter.  Components would include technique, accuracy, power, and speed.  But there is one component that is more important than these.  This component is flexibility.  Without flexibility, the other techniques could not reach their true potential. Flexbility allows the body full range of motion allowing techniques to be […]

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