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Evasive Drills – Part 2

In Part 1 of Evasive Drills, we worked on learning to move around so we don’t get hit. In this drill, we’re going to put the blocking drills posted earlier and the evasive drills. Drill As in Evasive Drills Part 1, pad holders and blockers move around as if your sparring, but blockers can evade […]

Evasive Drills – Part 1

This exercise requires a partner. One of you will be holding the focus mitts, or muay thai pads. You’ll used them similarly to the basic blocking drills posted earlier, but instead of blocking, you’ll learn to move out of the way. Drills Work with your partner at half speed to start out. The pad holder […]

Blocking Drills – Inside Forearm Block

Finally, we have the inside forearm block. This block is effective, though you have to be quick and delivers a heavy blow at the same time. Practice this drill: Pad Holder: Using your rear arm, swing the pad towards the blocker in a hook motion. Blocker: With your front arm(opposite of the pad holders rear […]

Blocking Drills – Knee Block

Next, we have the knee block. This technique is good if your opponent is going to kick you with a low round to the leg or to the ribs. Practice this drill: Pad Holder: Similar to the Low block exercise, front side, swing the pad towards the body or the leg of the blocker. Blocker: […]

Blocking Drills – Low Block

Now, we have the low block. This is a block you would use if your opponent is going for a rib or kidney punch. Practice this drill: Pad holder: With your front side forward, bring your pad down towards the blockers side of their body. Blocker: Using your outside forearm, similar to a side block, […]

Blocking Drills – High Block

Next up, you have a high block. This block is good for strikes to the head. Practice this Drill: Pad Holder: Holding the pad, bring the pad down towards the blocker’s head. Blocker: Block the pad by bringing your arm up, your arm at a 45 degree angle, fist pointing up and your wrist bent […]

Blocking Drills – Side Block

You need to have two people for this particular drill. One person holds the pads (preferably muay thai pads or focus mitts) as the other one blocks. The pad holder simulates different strikes as punching while the other partner blocks. There are 5 basics blocks I’ll talk about for this drill, probably the most used. […]

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