Training Tips

Martial Arts Interval Workout

Interval training, or HIIT(High intensity interval training), can be a very great addition to any martial arts workout routine.  It will help you get out of the plateau your fitness objectives no matter what type of training you do.  Interval training can even help you be creative when you are at burn out mode. With a baby in my […]

3 Ways to Execute a Side Kick

The side kick is one of the most effective kicks in the martial arts and for self defense. There are quite a few methods in how it is utilized, such as, offensive, stationary, and defensive. Offensive Side Kick – The purpose of the offensive side kick is to generate enough power and momentum to take out […]

Strength and Conditioning Routine

Strength and conditioning are vital to any martial artist or combative.  Without them, you would not last very long in an intense fight.  Martial arts in and of itself provides some substantial benefits in this department, however, weight training, plyometrics, and manual resistance exercises can only bring positive results to any practitioner’s workout routine. In each […]

10 Round Kickboxing Workout

In this week’s combination drill, you will be incorporating some punching as well as head/body movement.  The previous drills were set up in repetitions, but this week will focus on timed rounds.  Another thing different from last week’s training, we will incorporate five combinations you will incorporate for a ten round workout. Before starting this […]

Combination of the Week

This is the last combination in this series.  This drill will incorporate another type of combination.  Include the combination routines in the previous week or into your current workouts and see your conditioning skyrocket. Back Fist – Cross – Low Hook – High Hook | 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Side Kicks | 2, 4, […]

Combination of the Week

Very similar to last week, we have another great combination you can incorporate into your training. Cross – Uppercut – Hook to the body – Hook to the head | 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Round Kick | 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Perform the boxing combination above for ten repetitions followed by two round […]

Combination of the Week

Perform a jab, cross, hook, and cross for ten repetitions followed by two push kicks.  Repeat the sequence with eight of the boxing combinations and four push kicks.  Repeat even numbers until you are doing ten push kicks and two of the boxing combinations. Jab – Cross – Hook – Cross | 10, 8, 6, […]

5 Drills to Develop Explosive Kicks

Kicking explosively is very important in a fight.  No amount of good technique is good if your kicks are not fast enough.  And the kicks are not any good if there is no power behind them.  Explosive kicks are designed to bring unpredictability, speed, and devastating power.  The drills in this article will attempt to […]

5 Benefits to Studying Martial Arts

There is a vast array of martial art styles in the world.  From Karate to Thai Boxing, each style has a wide variety of benefits that can be gained you may not find anywhere else.  Anyone currently in the martial arts can tell you all they have achieved.  I will give you five common benefits […]

The War of the Martial Arts

If you have been in the martial arts for some time, you have definitely run into somebody who claims their martial art is the best.  The Ultimate Fighting Championship is reputed as only have the best martial arts to offer in the cage.  Many instructors profess their system is the best, but in what context? […]

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