Training Tips

The Meaning of the Black Belt

One of the symbols that set martial arts apart from others is the black belt. It status represents the blood, sweat, and determination to earn such a high achievement. But since the introduction of mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it seems the black belt and belt system is not as important or […]

5 Reasons Why Technique is Important to a Martial Artist

Martial arts, self defense, and other types of combat styles all have a set of techniques to follow.  These techniques make up the fabric of their respective style, and these techniques are what set them apart from the rest of their competition. Too many fighters out there may claim technique is not important, but it […]

5 Cardiovascular Fitness Benefits for Every Martial Artist

Fitness is vitally important to our health, gives us energy, and helps us to be strong and fit.  Martial arts are a fitness genre in itself, but basic fundamentals in exercise should be a part of every martial artist’s journey.  There are many benefits fitness has on martial arts, but for the sake of this […]

Why the Martial Arts Alone Will Not Protect You

There are a wide variety of martial arts schools and styles to choose from.  Most of them promise to teach you how to protect yourself in a hostile situation.  The truth is, they can teach everything they know, but it really is up to you on how well you perform in self defense situations while […]

Timed Drills to Improve Your Technique

Sometimes, it is always good to go back to the basics.  Going back to work on basic technique not only helps you correct bad habits, but also can help you develop faster and more explosive strikes. Timed Drills Focusing on technique using timed drills has proven to be one of the best ways in becoming […]

Heavy Bag Drills

The use of a heavy bag in a fighters training regimen is one of the most common methods to training.  The bag simulates a fighter by allowing physical contact with an object similar to hitting an opponent.  The heavy bag also offers those who you it many benefits such as developing powerful strikes. For those […]

List of Techniques in the Martial Arts

Martial arts and the ability to defend your own life as well as fighting in general have been around for centuries.  It is one of the basic human characteristics; to survive.  With so many martial arts and fighting styles today, it can be confusing as to what techniques are out there, and if they all […]

Fifteen Minute Warm Up Routine

Warming up the body is important before any major workout.  It gets your blood flowing and loosens up the muscles.  The biggest proponent to warming up is encouraging range of motion, limbers up the body, and helps to prevent injury. Round One – 5 minutes Start off by getting full range of motion for each […]

Sparring Drills

Sparring is one of the highlights of martial arts training. All of the heavy bag work, shadowboxing, and fine tuning technique you put into training prepare you to fight. Once you get in the ring, however, you will realize there are limits to straining on a heavy bag or sparring an imaginary opponent. As you […]

Guide to Explosive Punches

Speed is vitally important for a successful fighter.  Slow strikes make it easy for an opponent to defend, evade, or even counter.  Every fighter has a certain level of quickness wired in from the get go.  Athletic fighters are much quicker naturally than those who are not.  The good news is that everyone who wants […]

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