1500 Challenge

1500 Challenge

This is a challenge that will help develop and improve my speed and power with punches and kicks.  I’ve created something like this back in 2003 that greatly improved my martial arts skills that helped me achieve my blackbelt.  I also use it before big tournaments or if I haven’t competed in a while.  It by know means replaces disciplined training with your school and current conditioning, but greatly helps you. 

To start off, we’re going to do the 1500 challenge.  This challenge is only a part of the full training challenge.  this should be practiced per day, six days a week, for a month.

100 back fists per side.
100 jabs per side.
50 cross / back punches per side.
50 hooks per side.
50 upper cuts per side.
50 hammerfists per side.
200 horse riding stance punches.
Total = 1000

Complete two sets of twentyfive reps for each technique, per side.
front kicks
round kicks
side kicks
wheel kicks / outside crescent kicks
hook kicks

This workout lasts about 45 minutes approximately.

Please continue checking to see further challenges.

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