30 second challenge

30 second challenge

This challenge runs for an hour, but the exercises are in thirty second increments.  It seems easy at first, but afterwards, you feel it.  Don’t forget to stretch. 

For thirty seconds each, perform the following exercises:

Jumping Jacks
Sprawls with Jab Cross Combination
Jump Rope
Sprawls with Alternating Front Kicks
Pogo Jump
V Ups
Squat Jumps

Break and stretch

Elbow Strikes
Front Kicks
Round Kicks
Side Kicks
Hook Kicks
Spin Hook Kicks
Tornado Kicks
Wheel Kicks or Axe Kick

On to the Ab Workout
Plank Raises
Side Plank Raises
Jack Knife
Hip Raises

More Jump Roping
Pogo Jump / Switch Stances

It took about an hour to perform this exercise routine, and you can change it up, make it harder, easier, whatever you like.  Make sure you do the techniques correctly to avoid injury and prevent bad habits.

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