5 Benefits to Studying Martial Arts

5 Benefits to Studying Martial Arts

There is a vast array of martial art styles in the world.  From Karate to Thai Boxing, each style has a wide variety of benefits that can be gained you may not find anywhere else.  Anyone currently in the martial arts can tell you all they have achieved.  I will give you five common benefits I believe make the martial arts such a great pursuit to pick up.

  1. Confidence – There are a lot of ways to gain confidence in any area of life, however martial arts is no different.  You gain confidence over the fact you achieve major heights you could not do before.  For example, you learned how to do the splits or taught yourself a kip up.
  2. Fitness – The martial arts offer a wide variety of ways to train and ways to advance you training so as not to become stuck in the same routine.  You can choose from improving technique to shadowboxing and sparring.  All are important and easy to mix up.  Lastly, martial arts offers you the benefits in getting into shape the same as what other training workouts can offer.
  3. Goal Setting – Along with fitness goals, the martial arts is a great area to set goals.  Unlike doing the same bicep curl and heavier weights, there is a lot to learn in the martial arts.  As a beginner, you may learn to execute a side stomp, and as you progress in your art, you begin to learn much more advanced skills.
  4. Self Defense – Confidence, fitness, and setting goals play a big part if the application of self defense or fighting.  You will not know how to defend yourself or protect your life with barbell, but learning realistic techniques that provide a way out of a situation is so much more practical.
  5. Life Application – A lot of the skills I learned in the martial arts can apply to life as well.  Not only are you learning how to fight and stand up for yourself, but you gain characteristics that can help you.  You learn about integrity, commitment, and excellence to name a few.  But you also learn about setting goals, staying active and healthy, and not to be afraid of challenges that come your way.

In Conclusion

The martial arts are designed for men, women, and children and offer everyone something of benefit.  If your child is being bullied or beat up, the martial arts is a great avenue to approach because it will make them less of a target.  If you are a woman, you stand a better chance of surviving a violent crime or avoiding it all together.  Men, we just love to get in and hit something, but this also applies to us as well.  Be safe out there!

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