5 Minute Combination Drills

5 Minute Combination Drills

It has been a while since I have posted new drills for those that are interested.  Today was a great training day, and I wanted to share the workout I performed today.  I hope you like it too.  These drills focused on boxing and kicking combinations at five minutes a piece.

These routines are not just stand and hit your target.  You will need to treat it as if you are sparring, or shadowboxing.  It is recommended you have a free standing bag, B.O.B. or a hanging heavy bag.  If you do not have any of these, standard hitting the air is just fine.

Jab / Cross / Round Kick
For this drill, you will perform it at five minutes.  Move around the target, bobbing and weaving, and switching and performing this combination in both stances.  Make sure you are hitting the target with fewer than three to five seconds at a time.

Hook / Cross / Side Kick
In the same fashion you performed the previous drill, do the same thing except with the hook/cross/side kick routine.

Thrust Kick / Jab / Cross
This drill will really test your movement skills.  If you have a heavy bag that swings a lot, or you have a partner holding a body shield, this will test your blitzing skills as well.  Perform a thrust kick to your target.  Chances are, you will move your target out of your striking distance.  If this happens, learn to blitz your target with a jab / cross combination.  Caution: In a real world match, doing this could set you up to getting hit, but if you execute an effective thrust kick, your opponent might be thinking more about the pain.

Alternate routine: You can also perform this drill backwards.  Perform a jab / cross / thrust kick.

Round Kick / Cross / Hook
Perform a back leg round kick, cross, and hook combination.  Perform this drill as rapidly as you can.  Switch stances and work on your movement.

Rapid Punches
In this drill, perform continuous, rapid punches.  Hit the bag with rapid jab / cross combinations, switch it up with a hook, back fist, or whatever your heart desires.  The key to this workout is to not stop punching.  Move around the target as you continue to punch.

Thrust Kick / Round Kick
We are almost done.  With this routine, perform a thrust kick, round kick combination continuously.  If you get tired, rest very briefly.  The purpose of this drill is to continue for the full five minutes.  Switching stances and kicks is accepted and recommended.

Spinning Round Kick
This drill is something I added last minute and did not use a bag for this.  It was mainly created to work on a new technique.  I have seen some Muay Thai boxers performing this drill and I think it would be a benefit to add this to your arsenal.  Throw your hips as you perform a back leg round kick, driving the kick through your target and allowing yourself to spin back into the starting position.  Keep your guard up at all times.

Still got room for more?
I ran out of time before performing these drills, so I performed kip ups instead. But, if you want to train some more because you are a machine, try these on for size.

30 second sprints, 10 second rest, 6 sets
30 second rapid punches, 10 second rest, 6 sets.

I hope these drills challenged you and gave you something new to look forward to as you continue your training.  I definitely felt rejuvenated after performing these drills.

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