A Quick Warm Up

A Quick Warm Up

Warming up before any workout is very important, because it allows your body to get prepared for training, and it prevents potential injuries and muscle strains.  This is just another warm up routine that will do just that.  This will get you warmed up and your blood pumping, but it also has cardiovascular benefits as well.

For thirty seconds, perform each exercise:

  • Running in place
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Shuffle to the right and left
  • Shuffle forward and backward
  • Shuffle diagonally
  • Shuffle in a square formation

The other benefits of this warm up is to help improve footwork as you spar.

It is good to get warmed up before any intense workout to prevent any injuries you may receive if you do not allow your body the proper preparation it needs.  It is also important to stretch before any demanding physical exercise.

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