Back to the Basics – Timed Drills to Improve Boxing Technique

Back to the Basics – Timed Drills to Improve Boxing Technique

Every martial artist knows it is always important in getting back to the basics.  This can be very boring if you do the same drill over and over again.  Timed drills can help reduce the boredom of basic technique practice and it also gives you a chance to improve every time.

For example, say you are able to perform 100 jabs in 30 seconds.  The next time you execute this drill, you will try to out perform your last repetition count.  This will always help us to get better, keeping our minds off the boring repetition process.  However, remember not to lose focus of executing proper technique.  Let’s start with our timed workout which is listed below.


Boxing / Punching Drills

Let us start out with boxing technique to improve our speed.  Perform as many repetitions as you can in the allotted time limit listed below for the various skill levels.

Beginner = 30 seconds

Intermediate = 45 seconds

Advanced = 1 minute

Elite / Show off = 3 minutes

Below is the list of techniques you should perform in this workout.

  • Jab
  • Back fist
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Uppercut
  • Hammer Fist
  • Rapid punching

Try to make your goal of 1000 total punches, and do not forget to perform both sides.  Document your time and reps each time you do this workout.  Note that if you notice sloppy technique, slow down, execute correctly each technique you perform.

Going back to basics can be monotonous, but how you incorporate them into your workout can depend on a grudging exercise, or a fun and fulfilling one.


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