Boxing and Kicking Conditioning

Boxing and Kicking Conditioning

Conditioning is very important in developing great fighters.  When you condition yourself, you stand a much better chance of surviving in the ring, or out on the street in a life and death situation.  Today, we will focus on some boxing and kickboxing drills that will help improve our endurance.

This particular drill that I am writing about today is designed for anyone from beginner to advanced.  As a beginning fighter or athlete with not much endurance, this exercise is a great way to start.  For advanced athletes and fighters, this drill can be modified to challenge you.  Some examples will be given at the end of this article for those that may need some tips.  Let’s get started.

Beginning Endurance Drills

For this drill, you will need a heavy bag or a partner holding pads.  The thicker and tougher the pad, the harder this workout will be.  Get into your fighting stance and perform the following drills.  Perform 5 sets for each drill.

Drill #1

Jab – Cross – Jab x 5
Muay Thai Round Kick x 5
Repeat on other side

Drill #2

Hook – Hook – Cross x 5
Thrust Kick x 5
Repeat other side

Drill #3

Jab – Jab – Cross x 5
Side Kicks x 5

Drill #4

Jab – Cross – Hook x 5
Front Kick x 5 (on a heavy bag, this is difficult.  You can alternate with a different kick if you so choose)

Remember to focus on your technique.  Do not try to rush through it, and remember to hit hard.

Advanced Tips

For advanced fighters or those needing a better challenge, focus on combinations you know well, followed by a resistance exercise such as burpees or pushups in between each set.  You could also alternate the techniques above for a bit more challenging combinations such as spin or turning kicks.

If you would like to try out other exercises on the blog, please check out our training section for more information.

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